Arubawater Corp has brought together leaders in the areas of business management, bottling & production, distribution, sales and marketing, and corporate governance. This group of experienced individuals form the core of the ArubaWater Corp. team.

Terry W. Neild, Chaiman, CEO & Director

CEO of ArubaWater. He is a visionary in the beverage industry, having brought the Jolt beverage brand to Canada. He was also the Chairman and CEO of Camfrey Resources, which acted as a lead financier of the Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation, a NASDAQ listed company.

Clearly Canadian Corp. is credited with transforming the water beverage category in the 1980s with its ground-breaking Clearly Canadian line of sparkling flavored water beverages which competed head-to-head with the top soda beverage companies in the U.S. and Canada.

Over his 50-year+ career as a leader and innovator, Mr. Neild has built a depth of proven entrepreneurial expertise in a variety of industries guiding the development of various start-up companies, bringing them to substantial success.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mr. Neild has continued to foster new companies and helped them to grow through private funding and public company ventures.

Mindi Osborn, MBA, CFO and Treasurer

Mindi S. Osborn is the Chief Financial Officer of ArubaWater Corp., responsible for developing the financial planning, oversight, and management of all controls for the Company’s financial operations.

Ms. Osborn is an MBA and accomplished senior executive with a strong track record of driving startup companies and their rapid growth and market domination. She specializes in transforming concepts into sustainable realities that can revolutionize industry landscapes as we know them. Over the last three decades, she has worked with a diverse range of private and public companies to help create centers for excellence by spearheading strategic planning, direction, and execution of financial initiatives and corporate management.

Kevin Friesen, COO Aruba, Marketing/Social Media

Kevin Friesen has worked with several start-up level companies both locally and internationally, including a beverage company based in Australia. As Chief of Operations in Aruba, he has been instrumental in developing and coordinating on island sales, distribution, and facilitating critical business relationships.

Over the past decade, Mr. Friesen has taken on the Director of Investor Relations role for several companies, mainly in the beverage and technology sectors, and has successfully aided in funding the ventures by developing, communicating, and maintaining positive relationships with investors.

Additionally, Mr. Friesen has a background in public relations, events planning, public speaking, and film and television production. He started a production company based out of Los Angeles that produced several feature films and a TV pilot. Kevin is a talented communicator who has worked as both a news director and editor for Canada’s national television network, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Robert Seaman, Operations Manager

Robert “Bob” Seaman brings a wealth of preform, bottling and manufacturing systems industry experience to ArubaWater. He has held numerous senior leadership positions in his 43+ years of work in manufacturing, mechanical engineering, as well as machine installation and maintenance.

Mr. Seaman has personally installed, tested, repaired and operated bottling equipment for major companies in numerous domestic and foreign countries, including establishing bottling plants for Fiji Water, Ozarka Water, and Penta Water, among others. He is a respected leader in bottling technology.

Small business success is achieved by doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."

– Jim Rohn

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