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Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (and some common fallacies)about ArubaWater™ and desalinated water.  If there is something that we have missed, please pass it along. We appreciate your interest in our water and our sustainable approach to proving refreshing drinking water.

Desalinated water is water that has undergone a process to reduce its salinity (salt ). The most common use is seawater.

In blind taste tests, people found ArubaWater™ water virtually indistinguishable from other water sources such as rainwater, glacial water or spring waters.

ArubaWater™ contains the essential elements for balanced hydration including an alkaline level of pH 8.5 at source. Our water has no additives and is purified to ensure its safety.

ArubaWater Corp. and our suppliers are dedicated to upholding environmentally sustainable practices, and as such, great care is applied in our desalination process. The process uses the most advanced and innovative techniques to ensure minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and continuously improving our methods, we prioritize the conservation of our natural resources.

We offer 500mL single bottles at convenience and grocery stores and restaurants. To see where you can purchase, check our locator locator map.

Our desalinated water is produced through a process called Sea Water Reverse Osmosis or SWRO, which reduces the salinity and removes impurities by forcing water through a semipermeable membrane. It is then filtered and treated with ultraviolet light to ensure its purity.

By drawing on the ocean as our only water source, we utilize a water resource that is the most abundant and renewable. This makes our water The Sustainable Choice™

Desalinated water can play a big role in addressing global water scarcity and impacting water management and conservation practices.

ArubaWater™ is priced similarly to other premium bottled water products you will find in convenience stores, grocery stores and restaurants.


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