Sustainably Sourced from the Ocean.

Sustainably Sourced from the ocean.

Sustainably Sourced from the Caribbean Waters of Aruba

ArubaWater™ is sustainably sourced water that's ranked among the best tasting water on the planet.

As our planet’s drinking water sources continue to be depleted, there is a real and compelling need to find ways to develop sources of pure water that are balanced and sustainable.

ArubaWater™ is a new bottled water born out of the need for an alternative to conventional spring water and aquifers –one that meets the requirements for sustainable drinking water without compromising on purity and taste. 

Our water is sourced completely from the oceans surrounding the island of Aruba in the Caribbean. Drawn from the depths that flow through coral beds, ArubaWater™ contains only ocean water that has been desalinated for optimum pH levels, mineral content, and great taste.

Aruba is renowned for producing some of the most highly rated water available on the planet and now consumers can taste for themselves why we call it Paradise in a Bottle.

World Leading Taste from Leading Edge Technology

The tiny Caribbean Island of Aruba has been at the forefront of desalination since the early 1900s, and at one point was the largest producer of desalinated water in the world.

That tradition has continued right up to today, as the technology applied to providing a freshwater source for the island’s population has blossomed into some of the most highly rated water found anywhere in the world. 

In fact, Aruba’s water has been consistently shown to exceed the World Health Organization’s guidelines for purity applied to drinking water.

About Us

ArubaWater Corp is based in Scottsdale, Arizona with bottling and packaging operations located in Oranjestad on the Island of Aruba. 

ArubaWater™ is currently available on the island of Aruba and rolling out at regions in the United States. Look for ArubaWater arriving in beverage coolers near you soon.

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